Reference In Wall Subwoofer Amplifier

Definitive Technology
The SubAmp 600 is a high powered amplifier and electronic crossover specifically engineered for use with the Definitive IWSub 10/10 and IWSub References in-wall subwoofers. It features two discrete high power amplifiers with simple connections in one convenient housing that fits easily on a shelf or in an audio equipment rack. It provides optimal power for effortlessly driving one or two IWSubs, in the same room or in different zones.
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  • Outboard amplifier for Definitive in-wall subwoofers
  • Drives either one or two subwoofers
  • Volume, Low-pass crossover and phase adjustments
  • Five-way binding post speaker connectors

    It also provides crossover functions for the system and level, low-pass crossover frequency and phase can all be adjusted with convenient front-panel control knobs.

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Modelo SUBAMP-600
Marca Definitive Technology