688 L Side By Side with Digital Inverter Technology

  • Guaranteed durability
  • Without hinges
  • Illuminate all


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Guaranteed durability
Samsung guarantees durability in the energy efficiency of its Digital Inverter compressor. When always on, it automatically adjusts the cooling speed, ensuring a long refrigerator life and trouble-free.

Without hinges
Its exquisite square front view with hidden hinges achieves a perfectly uniform appearance that complements the balance of your kitchen.

Illuminate all
The sophisticated RS5000 features LED lighting that is environmentally friendly and illuminates your food on the inside to make it easy to find while saving energy.

Cool every corner
The All-around cooling system evenly cools every corner of the refrigerator. Cold air streams come out of multiple slits on each level to maintain a constant temperature and your food stays fresh.

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Modelo RS25H5005SL/AP
Marca Samsung