Floating hinge top plate Ribbed top plate for aesthetic grill marks Flat bottom plate for faster, more even cooking & easy clean up Integrated On/Off ‘Power’ and ‘Ready’ lights Adjustable height control Locking storage clip Cord wrap Non-slip feet
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Even heat distribution and adjustable height for authentic café-style grilled paninis.

Ribbed top plate provides authentic café style grill marks with a flat bottom plate for extra crispy toasted results and is also suitable for eggs and pancakes.

Both plates feature a non-stick Quantanium coating that is ideal for oil-free cooking and easy clean up.

Floating Hinge Top Plate allows the top plate to be positioned horizontally with even weight distribution for consistent browning and melting.

Adjustable Height Control allows the top plate to be moved into a range of positions above the bottom plate.

Suitable for both thick artisan breads or toasting open style 'melts'.

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Modelo BREV-BSG520XL
Marca Breville
Color Acero Inoxidable